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I am Carie Musick. I'm a designer, art director, and creative consultant based in Kansas City. I hold a degree from the Kansas City Art Institute with 14 years of professional design experience. I dream big in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign, but am also fluent in Premiere Pro for expert video production. I am a fine artist and a skilled Web Designer on a variety of platforms.

I provide design services for digital & print, promotional materials, business proposals, social media content, and product branding. Local and international clients include Daniel Helm Hair Salon, West Bottoms Whiskey Co., MGP Ingredients, Bordeaux Wine region in France, and the entire Rías Baixas and Cariñena wine regions of Spain, among others.

I am bouncy and playful, yet serious and dedicated. I value creativity, collaboration and ultimately good design. I am ambitious, self-motivated and an intuitive problem solver who is driven to create visually compelling content. My ambition is contagious. I am inspired and inspiring, which in turn creates an energetic work environment. 

One of my core philosophies has always been: "Live life to the fullest, and when you can't there is always Photoshop.™" 

What is your creative need? Contact me and I will fill that void.

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