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I am Carie Musick. I'm a designer, art director, and creative consultant based in Kansas City. I hold a degree from the Kansas City Art Institute with12+ years of professional design experience. I dream big in Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign,  but am also fluent in Premiere Pro for expert video production. I am also a skilled Web Designer and fine artist on a variety of platforms.

Globally and locally, I provide design services for digital & print, promotional materials, business proposals, social media content, and product branding. Most recently, I have endeavored in the adult beverage/hospitality industry with clients to include the Bordeaux Wine region in France, Ricasoli in Italy, MGP Ingredients (George Remus Whiskey, TILL Vodka, Rossville Union Rye Whiskey), Rias Baixas & Cariñena Wines in Spain and Founder's Brewery in the USA. Local clients in this field also include J. Rieger & Co., The Monarch Bar (voted #1 in the USA) and myriad others. 

My list of freelance clients runs the gamut from local artists to major NYC publishing houses. Additionally, I run a small business known as KC Photoshop Consulting because one of my core philosophies has always been: "Live life to the fullest, and when you can't there is always Photoshop.™" 

What is your creative need? Contact me and I will fill that void.